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...and thanks for visiting our brandnew website! just went live on 19th of June 2011, so there is still much room for content which is being filled step by step, day after day. The Banjo Chords pages are pretty complete and the collection of Banjo Tabs, according MIDI Files and Youtube Banjo Videos is growing everyday! To keep you updated on the progress of we installed a "News-Page" where all alterations and new Banjo Tabs will be published.

This website is dedicated to all those people in the world playing the Tenor Banjo. The purpose of this website is to provide some general information concerning the Irish Tenor Banjo but mainly to share Banjo Tabs, Sheets, MIDIs and Chords for the Banjo. What distinguishes this website from other Tab Sites is that on you will be able to find different versions of one tune, youtube videos and other helpful stuff to facilitate learning new tunes. We can't guarantee that all of the Banjo Tabs will be flawless, but we make sure to play every single one of them and only share those versions with you that are playable and enjoyable.

Since we play the Irish Tenor Banjo, the tunes uploaded here will be for G-D-A-E tuning, so they can also be used as Mandolin Tabs. For the future, we also plan to implement an extra Page for Bluegrass 5-string Banjo Tabs but right at the moment we are still too busy creating Tenor Banjo Tabs, so it may take a while for the Bluegrass Tabs to come.

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