The purpose of this Page is to keep visitors updated on the progress of

15.01.2012 BETA 3.0:

81 new Reels were added! We are currently listing 486 Jigs, Reels and Hornpipes for the Irish Tenor Banjo in our new Tab List!

10.01.2012 BETA 3.0:

Announcement: The new Tenor Banjo Tabs list is now online with more than 400 tunes!

06.01.2012 BETA 2.2:

Happy New Year Banjo friends! There have been new Tab additions and there will be a huge reorganization and update of soon!

21.12.2011 BETA 2.2:

15 new Banjo Tabs have been added!

16.12.2011 BETA 2.1:

Lots of new selected Banjo Tabs have been added!

06.12.2011 BETA 2.0:

After a long break of about 4 months, new Tabs have been added and the tune pages standardised!

22.07.2011 BETA 1.5:

15 new Banjo Tabs were added!

21.07.2011 BETA 1.5:

34 new Banjo Tabs were added!

19.07.2011 BETA 1.5:

After 1 month since went live, we now came up with a new method to dynamically create the Tab Pages in order for us to able to share more Banjo Tabs! The new structure of the Banjo Tab Pages can be seen with the tune Bottom Of The Punch Bowl. Altogether 14 Tabs were added.

18.07.2011 BETA 1.4:

During the last 10 days we created a number of Banjo Tabs and are now trying to figure out a good method to massively upload new Tabs.

08.07.2011 BETA 1.4:

The Banjo Tabs List was expanded. There are many new Tunes now which will appear over the course of time.

06.07.2011 BETA 1.4:

There were some minor content changes and additions

05.07.2011 BETA 1.4:

New Banjo Tablature for Bag Of Spuds was added.

03.07.2011 BETA 1.4:

Banjo Tabs for Drowsy Maggie and Fermoy Lasses were added.

02.07.2011 BETA 1.4:

We added Banjo Tabs for the lovely Tunes Tenpenny Bit, Morrison's and Irish Washerwoman. now has 10 Tunes with 2-3 Banjo Tabs, Youtube Videos and MIDI files each!

01.07.2011 BETA 1.4:

We did some changes concerning the link structure, inspected the website for errors and finally created an impressum page. More Banjo Tabs will follow shortly!

29.06.2011 BETA 1.3:

Banjo Tabs for Cooleys Reel were added.

27.06.2011 BETA 1.3:

Website Design as well as folder structure were changed!

25.06.2011 BETA 1.2:

2 new Banjo Tabs were added: Mountain Road and The Congress Reel

23.06.2011 BETA 1.2:

The structure of the Banjo Tabs Pages was changed. Images can now be displayed on the respective page through AJAX technique. The new structure can be seen with the Banjo Tabs to Mason's Apron!

22.06.2011 BETA 1.1:

Banjo Tabs for Boys Of Bluehill were added.

21.06.2011 BETA 1.1:

Another Banjo Tablature The Banshee was added. The ultimate goal for us will be to add at least one more Banjo Tab each day.

20.06.2011 BETA 1.1:

Website design was tweaked. The Banjo Tabs Page was finally installed and the very first Banjo Tablature to the wonderful Irish Tune Maid Behind The Bar was added.

19.06.2011 BETA 1.0:

The very first version of went live today.
I have added all of the Banjo Chords but am still preparing the Banjo Tabs and Tunes to upload them soon. Another project will be to implement the modern AJAX technique in the Chord Chart Pages to make them more intuitive.